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Lunch and Leadership with Jason Varitek

Varitek speaks on Leadership at Luncheon sponsored by Jaffarian Automotive Group

Jaffarian Automotive was excited and so honored to have long-time captain of the Boston Red Sox, Jason Varitek join us for lunch yesterday (12/9) and talk to us about leadership.

With over 150 attending guests, everyone listened intently to Varitek’s speech that outlined the need for preparedness, accountability, accessibility, reliability and a strong ability to communicate as important leadership skills. The event raised more than $1500 and was donated to the athletic department of Haverhill High School to help offset athletic fees.

Varitek poses with some young fans

As shared by Gary Jaffarian, president and general manager of the Jaffarian Automotive Group: “Jason, a proven leader on and off the field, was the perfect speaker for the event and his support of the local community and its athletic programs has been invaluable.  Local athletic programs have been a cause my family has championed for four generations and this event allows us to help offset athletic fees in order to provide all kids with the opportunity to participate in activities that provide structure and exercise, as well as develop the leadership skills that Jason discussed today.”

For more photos of Varitek and the event, please check out the Jaffarian Automotive page on Facebook and Like us!

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