Are you doing a charitable drive again this fall?

Gary Jaffarian explains the next community drive is for back-to-school supplies for Emmaus House clients’ children in local public schools.

Yes, Jaffarian Volvo Toyota participates in a charitable drive at least three times a year. This past summer we sponsored sneakers and supplies for children in our area attending School Suppliesbasketball and other camps in the area. This month we are again collecting back-to-school supplies for those children in the Haverhill Public Schools who are the less fortunate clients of Emmaus Inc., which provides services for homeless and needy families. I love their slogan: “Where everybody matters.” They provide both immediate assistance and long-term solutions through emergency shelters, affordable housing, job training, and more.

Without the generosity of the community, the clients of Emmaus House may not have new backpacks or school supplies that are needed. There are some great sales on school supplies this month, so please consider picking up some extra supplies and dropping Emmaus house and tagthem off to the Jaffarian Showroom by Monday, August 21st. The first day of school in Haverhill is August 29th, and we’d like to get the supplies to them in advance of opening day.

If you are a business owner or work in a company that has an overstuffed supply cabinet, consider asking for permission to donate extra supplies to Emmaus House clients. The children will be so excited to have new backpacks and supplies.

The administration did an inventory of the supplies and indicated they really need the following this year:
• Larger size backpacks in neutral colors for the older kids
• Binders
• Notebooks
• Folders
• Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Markers and Highlighters.

Truck and signage 2 (002)

2016 Emmaus Back-to-school drive.


“Anything that gets donated will be used and very much appreciated,” said the Emmaus House spokesperson. Let’s fill up a truckload full of supplies again this year. I’d like to top last year’s successful drive. Thanks for anything you can contribute.

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Gary Jaffarian

What do I do to replace a lost key and how do I know it will only work on my car?

Volvo keyGary Jaffarian explains how most keys can be replaced the same day or next and what owners need to know to safely replace a key.

The Jaffarian Volvo Toyota Parts Department can order a key for you and get it the next day, however, some can be made the same day, depending on year, make and model. Out of curiosity, I did a web search on replacement keys and there are hundreds of places to order from. Why not just buy your replacement key online? Certain keys are on a different radio frequency and cannot be programmed for your vehicle. People also sell dead keys online that cannot be programmed.

Keys for vehicles manufactured before 2001 have no vehicle engine immbolizer, which is your vehicle’s security device, and do not need to be programmed. Keys made for vehicles from 2001 and newer need to be programmed and that works in accordance with your VIN (vehicle identification number) and engine immobilizer. I wouldn’t suggest giving out a VIN number on line. You run the risk of being hacked. YouTube also doesn’t provide the answer. While the online services claim to be less costly than the dealership, they also come with risks in terms of ability to program.

To protect our customers’ security when requesting a replacement key, we ask for name, address, VIN number, year, make and model. Even if you cannot get into the vehicle, the VIN is generally visible from the outside driver’s side dashboard. It may also be located on a rear wheel well or the front of the engine block, or on the frame of the car between the carburetor and windshield washer. You can also call your insurance company to get the VIN.

Types of Keys:

Traditional key—They are usually found in use for vehicles prior to 2001 and before 1981. They can simply be cut from a standard key blank like a house key.

Encoded key—These contain a programmed chip and must be programmed properly to work.

Smart key—It is a programmable device that allows the owner to open the door with a key and start the engine with a button.

Detached key fobs—This is a separate device from the key that starts the engine. It can unlock the doors and control the vehicle’s alarm.

Jaffarian Parts Department to the Rescue!

I was so happy to hear this story from my Parts Department personnel. A senior was at the market and discovered her keys were missing. No one turned them in, and she was frantic. She called us up and was so upset that the Parts Department employee tried toSenior Woman calm her. He asked for all her information, and while she hardly sounded like a criminal, he still asked for all the pertinent information for her own security. They were able to cut and program the key immediately and bring it to the market. She was so grateful that she sent me a beautiful letter complimenting the Parts Department staff for their immediate response and concern!

Let us know if we can help. Our Parts Department is open Monday-Saturday and ready to serve!

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Gary Jaffarian

How do I remove bugs, sap and bird droppings from my shiny, new car?

child wash carGary Jaffarian presents his best tips on how to remove these summer “evils” of sap, bugs and bird droppings from your vehicle’s exterior—if you prefer to do it yourself—rather than treating your vehicle to the Jaffarian Auto Spa.

We usually think of winter as being the toughest season for taking care of our vehicles—but you’re right that summer has its own challenges. The biggest challenge with bugs, bird droppings and sap is that they really stick to the vehicle’s exterior like a sap on windshieldmagnet. Washing them off is much more tricky than your everyday dirt and road debris.

Whenever possible, try to remove these pesky forms of debris as soon as they happen before they dry up. If you have a garage, use it in the summer too as it protects your vehicle from such items as well as limits harmful UV rays that damage the exterior paint. .

Here are the best tips to cleaning your vehicle’s exterior:

1. Soak the bugs, sap or droppings area with a hose. Ideally wash your vehicle in the shade. Don’t blast your car with a high-pressure setting on the hose or a pressure washing nozzle, as this could damage the paint. Soak the troublesome spots thoroughly,man wash car then rinse off the debris. You may need to repeat the process. Apply a generous amount of car wash soap. Combine one part soap with three parts water in a large bucket until it’s sudsy. Dip a soft sponge or absorbent cloth into the soap solution and spread it across the car’s exterior. Preferably use a specialty car wash product, not household soaps or cleaners (Ivory soap is ok). Household soaps may contain ingredients that can damage your vehicle’s paint. It’s a good idea to go ahead and wash your whole car, just in case there are a few spots you’ve missed.

2. Scrub away the sticky gunky debris. Use smooth circular motions on the most difficult part of the mess. Keep wetting the sponge as needed and continue scrubbing until your exterior is spotless. Make sure to check for insects in less noticeable areas, like the grill, headlights, mirrors and the base of the windshield. Baking soda is safe andBugs on Toyota mixed with water can be a good paste to take off bugs and gunk. WD-40 or other oil-based removers are alternate ways to remove sticky gunk. It can also reduce the appearance of scratches in a car’s paint. You may want to purchase a special product for bug and tar removal.

3. Clean the wheels and covers. Use a separate cloth or sponge to clean your wheels and purchase a spray cleaner special for the wheel covers. Be careful not to transfer substances like sand, brake fluid and grease from your wheels to your vehicle’s exterior.

4. Clean the windows carefully with a razor blade or box cutter if sap is stuck to the windows and did not come off easily with soap and

5. Rinse and dry your vehicle. Once you’ve washed your vehicle, spray it off with the hose to remove any remaining traces of soap or debris. Wipe water off with a microfiber towel or squeegee, then let the vehicle air dry. Don’t skip the final wipe down—especially if your town has hard water, it can leave behind stains that can permanently damage the paint.

6. Wax your vehicle. If you’re really ambitious, wax your vehicle every 2-3 months.

While it requires a lot of time, patience and products to remove these tricky substances from your vehicle, there is a simpler way—bring it to the Jaffarian Auto Spa—and treat your vehicle and yourself to a vehicle that looks like new inside and out! We even have coupon specials online for detail packages.

Enjoy this last month of summer!

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Gary Jaffarian

Where do you recommend for summer day trips or overnights for a family with children?

Gary Jaffarian recommends both fun and educational places to visit as a family.

Though you didn’t indicate how old your children are, I’d be happy to highlight a few different places to travel around New England with children of various ages. Before you leave for an extended road trip, please be certain to be up-to-date on your vehicle maintenance. If you are not sure, please come see us at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota’s Service Department. You can even book an appointment 24/7 on line.

I’ve chosen one place in each of the six New England states:

Be a Boston tourist—There is so much to do in our great City of Boston! People spend so much money traveling all over when there is so much to see right here! My suggestions for Boston day trips include:
JFK Library and Museum
Boston Children’s MuseumCharles River
Museum of Science
Walk the Freedom TrailBoston Duck Boats
Ride the Swan boats
Take a Duck Tour
New England AquariumNE Aquarium model-shark-1260x900
• Walk along the Charles River

There is so much history and so much to learn in Boston and summer is the best time to visit. Millions of people from all over the world visit Boston every summer. There are a lot of low-cost and free things to do in Boston! You can also visit Old Ironsides docked at the USS Constitution Museum.

New Hampshire
Storyland is in New Hampshire’s White Mountains on Route 16, six miles north of North StoryLandConway in Glen and 150 miles from Boston and about 124 miles from the Haverhill area. There are loads of fun rides for young children including an antique German carousel, Alice’s Tea Cup, Roar-o-Saurus, Bamboo Shoots, a water ride, Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach, the Crazy Barn, a Buccaneer Pirate Ship and my favorite—Antique Cars!

Portland—a beautiful area to visit for a day trip or to vacation. The Portland Waterfront offers so much including great food, shopping in the Old Port area and ferry rides out to local islands. There is a Children’s Museum and Theatre where they are currently showing Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. There is also an Arts District, a Museum of African Culture; and the nearby Casco Bay Lighthouse. Just south of Portland, you can visit Palace Playland at Old Orchard Beach which is a beautiful beach with plenty to entertain kids of all ages. Greater Portland offers plenty of outdoor adventure, parks, and hands-on fun that suits every family member. You can plan a family outing that includes a day trip to a wildlife park, a visit to one of the state’s many fairs and festivals that cater to active kids and family entertainment, or a trip to one of the coast’s many sandy beaches where kids can play and cool off in the ocean waves.

Rhode Island
Block Island—a secluded island with a great beach and two light houses along with Block Islandsome quaint shops and inns—can be accessed from a regular or high-speed ferry ride from Narragansett or Newport—both great places to visit. This is a perfect weekend trip. Southern R.I. has some of the best beaches, without the crowds of the Cape. Block Island is a great place to rent bikes or mopeds to tour a beautiful, scenic island 12 miles off the R.I. coast. This kidney-shaped island has been designated by the Nature Conservancy as “one of the 12 last great places in the Western Hemisphere.”

Mystic Seaport—This is an easy day trip to the place made famous by Julia Robert’s first Mystic Aquariummovie “Mystic Pizza” and the restaurant is still there. This quaint seaport town is known for its shops and restaurants and its great Mystic Aquarium. You can board the largest Viking Longship or the Sabino Steamship. You can rent a row boat or sailboat to sail around the harbor. My favorite place to visit is the Olde Mistick Shopping Village off Route 95 before you get into the downtown area. It’s a shopping village that is set up like a quaint village from years ago. A lot of the shops are so unique—you never know what you’ll find there.

Stowe—Lots for families to do including taking a guided tour of the Ben & Jerry’s ice Stowe-kayakcream factory and sample the flavor of the day; visit the Trapp Family Lodge from the Sound of Music fame; watch the colorful balloons take to the air during the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon Festival held in July; take a dip in Foster’s natural swimming hole; hit the “links” at the Stowe Golf Park, a beautifully landscaped and contoured miniature golf course; or tour the nearly 600-foot granite quarry, watch artisans carve stone, and try your hand at sandblasting your own stone souvenir at Rock of Ages. Who knew you could have so much fun in Stowe when it’s not ski season!

Wherever you decide to go, please post a photo and share with us on our Jaffarian Automotive Facebook page. We love to see where you and your family explore during these summer months (and don’t forget to include your pets and your vehicle in the posts!) Hope you have fun and safe travels for the rest of the summer! Oh boy, it does go by so quickly! Make every day of summer family time count.

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Gary Jaffarian

Is there anything new coming out from Volvo?

Gary Jaffarian explains that the 2018 XC60 and S90 are the newest models with amazing safety features and technology, not yet seen in any other vehicle, including semi-autonomous driving.

The newest CrossoverXC60

We are very excited about the new 2018 XC60 which arrives this fall. It looks like a miniaturized, more athletic version of the XC90.

The drivetrain is available in 3different models: a 250-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder (T5); 312-hp, turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder (T6); and a 400-hp plug-in hybrid with four-cylinder engine and electric motor (T8). According to a review on, “The redesigned XC60 adds new styling, technology and a few exciting safety updates that advance Volvo’s safety technology further along on the road towards autonomous driving.” (Volvo is planning to market self-driving “autonomous” vehicles to the public by 2021 and is considered a leader in this technology.)

The large touchscreen first seen in the XC90 and S90 is available in the XC60 with XC60 insideredesigned screens and graphics. There are also updates to the Volvo On Call mobile app, which has the ability to send navigation directions to the vehicle from a calendar or helping to locate your vehicle after it’s been parked.

A new safety system called Steering Assist has been added for 2018. Steering Assist is used by several of the XC60’s safety systems — including the City Safety system, which helps to avoid collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and other large objects. The blind spot warning system also uses Steering Assist to prevent a lane change that will result in a collision, and the new Oncoming Lane Mitigation systems uses it to help prevent head-on collisions.

Volvo’s Pilot Assist, a semi-autonomous driver assistance system that will handle the steering, acceleration and braking at speeds of up to 80 mph will also be available. This is truly an advancement in safety and technology.

This is also the first Volvo model with a “CleanZone” It removes pollutants and particles from the outside environment to keep the air fresh inside. Now that’s a real differentiator from the competition!

The newest luxury sedanVolvoS-90 Momentum

Volvo’s newest luxury sedan vehicle is the S90 and it is available with three different engines and is available as a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Two of the models are available with an in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and two models are both turbocharged and supercharged. Its contemporary design and beauty rivals any luxury sedan on the market and includes all the top safety features for which Volvo is best known throughout the decades. Their new models are a far cry from the old boxy vehicles, but the consistent reputation remains that Volvo makes perhaps the safest vehicles on the market today. The S90 is a finalist for North American Car of the Year. (Last year it was Volvo’s XC90.)

The basic S90 Momentum model includes: volvo-s90-luxury-sedan-technology-f1-all_d

• Dual Visible Tailpipes w/Chrome Sleeves
• Front Grille that is in a high-gloss black
• Pilot Assist – Semi Autonomous Drive System w/Adaptive Cruise Control
• Dark Flame Birch Wood Inlays
• 9-inch touch-screen display
• Leather upholstery
• CleanZone technology filters dust, pollen, particles, and odors while automatically monitoring pollutant levels. Now, the air you breathe inside your car is actually cleaner than the air outside.

Volvo is just an amazing company— combining the best of technology, safety, innovation, technology and design. What will they think of next?

Call or book a test drive on line at Jaffarian Volvo. Volvo is now offering test drive incentives such as $50 gift cards. There are also special incentives for both purchasing or leasing these luxury vehicles. We have nearly 20 of the 2018 models in stock already.

Have a great week and come see us for some great summer specials!

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Gary Jaffarian

What is happening with the self-driving vehicle experiments?

Gary Jaffarian updates us on the research and development of self-driving or autonomous vehicles of which Volvo is a leader.

Volvo autonomousThere were international symposia in Germany last month and one in San Francisco in March that brought together designers and engineers of autonomous vehicles. As you know, advanced driver assistance systems and fully automated driving vehicle technology is not new. Since the final meeting of the Eureka Project in Paris in 1994, it’s been clear that fully autonomous self-driving vehicles are set to become a reality, yet 20 years later the final stages of testing, validation and fail-safing pose a significant challenge to the automotive industry.

The rigorousness and thoroughness of the testing processes need to be conducted at an altogether higher level than ever done before to satisfy safety requirements. The IEEE (a professional association of electrical engineers) also held their annual symposium to discuss the advent of driverless vehicles. This undertaking is bringing together leading IT professionals, engineers and automotive manufacturers to collaborate.

IEEE driverless-car-B3

I wrote about Volvo’s research with driverless vehicles in 2016, with the premise that driverless vehicles offer a level of safety by eliminating human error in favor of electronics. While there will still be a driver behind the wheel, the technological achievement is amazing and will be a major feat, surpassing in our industry the invention of the automobile.

In June of 2016, Boston was selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a focus-city for policy and pilot development of autonomous vehicles. The first experiment held in Boston earlier this year and monitored by a Cambridge company, NuTonomy Inc., was the first public trip by a self-driving car in Massachusetts, and it concluded — without incident — an hour later. While their CEO said the experiment went perfectly, it was unclear if the engineers in the vehicle had any input on the control of the vehicle.

NuTonomy Inc. launched the pilot program on an industrial park’s 3 miles of roads, using a car guided by artificial intelligence software and fitted with cameras and other sensors, including a laser-based technology that detects nearby objects.

The company, a startup using technology developed at MIT, is also testing its systems as part of a self-driving taxi project on some public roads in Singapore.

According to The Boston Globe, don’t expect to see NuTonomy’s self-driving cars zipping through the Boston anytime soon. NuTonomy will complete 100 miles of test drives at the park in daytime and in good weather before progressing to more difficult nighttime and poor-weather tests.

After another 100 miles under those conditions, the company can request to expand its tests to outside the industrial park — again, first in daytime and in good weather — to the surrounding South Boston Waterfront. NuTonomy said it has tested its cars at night and during light rain and snow at its other locations. In its application, NuTonomy said its self-driving cars “are programmed to prevent any collision or other motion that would create a risk to human life or health.” The company plans to limit speeds to 25 miles per hour.

While the only injury reported in any of the world-wide autonomous driving tests is a sprained wrist, the tests and technology is moving ahead steadily, but slowly. Volvo is one of the leaders in autonomous vehicle testing and is planning to test 100 of their autonomous vehicles in Sweden this year with ordinary drivers and they are seeking volunteers in the United Kingdom to test these vehicles. With Volvo’s focus on safety, they are piloting an S60 model to be autonomous with the same rigorous safety systems that they have in all their models.

Participants in the trial will have to be sober and competent to take over controls at any time. Volvo claims its Drive Me system can handle a range of driving conditions including “smooth commuting to heavy traffic and emergency situations” although its test roads will be without pedestrians, cyclists or on-coming traffic. Volvo has taken a slightly different approach to automated vehicles compared to most car manufacturers and technology companies, including Google. Its first tests were on roads by railways where drivers could join a line of cars that would autonomously match speed and follow the lead train car. Volvo is aiming for a 100% safety record before any of these vehicles are released to the public.

Volvo is also testing autonomous XC90 vehicles this year in Europe. They believe that their first unsupervised autonomous vehicles will be in the market by 2021. “What makes our approach to autonomous driving so unique is that we focus on people – not just on technology,” said Volvo officials.

Based on these experiments and ongoing research, I still don’t expect we will see any autonomous vehicles marketed commercially until sometime between 2021 and 2030. Stay tuned as this is going to be interesting!

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Gary Jaffarian

I’ve seen ads about Jaffarian “protecting your wallet.” How do you do that?

ProtectWallet Grpahic (002)Gary Jaffarian explains how protecting your wallet is part of the Jaffarian way in serving our customers. He outlines the many ways in which Jaffarian can save you money.

First let me explain that Jaffarian Volvo Toyota is all about building relationships. Throughout our 75+ year history of four generations in the automotive business, we see families come back and trade in a vehicle, some telling us their parents or grandparents bought from Jaffarian. We care about our customers and we build the relationship, in part, by protecting your wallet. We do that in many ways including the following:

1. Dare to Compare—We do the homework for you and post in our service area and on our website the comparison of prices for common service appointments at various competitors and the value you get by servicing at Jaffarian. This information is updated Buying Car-signingmonthly to help our customers make an informed decision regarding the value delivered for the same service whether it be an alignment or an oil change. We Dare to Compare and are happy to do this homework for our customers.

2. Video during service appointments—Unfortunately, but understandably, many consumers wonder if they really need a new cabin filter and are concerned about being misled to spend more money than they really need to when servicing their vehicle. To address that concern, we show our service customers via a Quik Video–as seeing is believing! Our certified technicians introduce themselves via video, walk around your vehicle and point out the condition of your vehicle. The video is sent to you via text or email so you can literally see if your cabin filter is worn or if the tire treads are low and you need new tires.
Our technicians and your service advisor will tell you what needs to be done and what can wait until your next appointment or when you reach a certain number of miles. There is no pressure to do anything that is not needed for the safe operation of your vehicle. It is peace of mind and protecting your wallet.

3. Savings and Specials—We offer our loyal customers timely savings on our website with coupons and specials emailed each month to help save you money. Be sure we have your correct email as we rely on email to share monthly specials (and customer events).

4. Hawkeye Technology—this state-of-the art equipment gives you a high-tech Hawkeye alignmentassessment of your vehicle’s need for an alignment. Most of us think we only need an alignment when we are holding the steering wheel differently to drive straight. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to check your alignment and show you the report to show you if your alignment is fine or needs to be fixed for your safety and proper wear of your tires.

5. Service Reminders—By reminding you when your vehicle needs service, we can make minor repairs before they become larger, more expensive issues. With regular maintenance, you save money over the lifetime of your vehicle and your vehicle will last longer.

6. We don’t “upsell”—Once we understand your needs and your budget, we help you Man withWalletbuy or lease the right vehicle. You know your finances and you know what you need in a vehicle. We don’t want you to leave with doubt or regret. You have a friend in the car business!

7. Committed to educating for informed decision making—in the showroom , on our website and through this weekly blog. We know our customers do a lot of research online even before they walk in the door and we are committed to sharing information and tips to help you make an informed decision that will protect your wallet. We want you to get the most out of your vehicle and that is why we offer “How Do I_____?” hoursHow do I logo to learn how to use all the technology that is in new Toyotas and Volvos so you maximize all they have to offer! We respect your time and your intelligence which is why we continue to invest in ways to improve the service and vehicle buying experience so you are in the driver’s seat and we are here to assist.

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money unnecessarily. We are committed to helping you make informed decisions about buying, leasing and servicing your vehicle. We continue to evaluate and invest in technology from video to simple white boards listing our prices to protect your wallet.

Happy summer!

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