How can I save time so I don’t spend an entire day at the dealership when buying a car?


Gary Jaffarian explains how Jaffarian has introduced online tools so you can complete most of the car buying process online. We know your time is valuable that is why you can save up to 3 hours.

Your time is valuable. Like our health, it is precious. A common frustration of the car buying experience is the time it takes to get all that paperwork completed! We understand. It is our intent to serve you as quickly as we can, while acknowledging that there are many steps to the process and we can’t skip them to save you time.

Perhaps you saw the recent article in the Chicago Tribune that lamented how the car buying experience is way behind in meeting consumer’s needs. Well, I am happy to say, Jaffarian Toyota is not behind at all!

We recently announced a suite of online tools on the Jaffarian-Toyota website to enable you–the consumer–to be in the driver’s seat. Shop for your next vehicle while watching summer re-runs! Sip coffee at your kitchen table and compare makes and models. Value your trade as you commute on the train. Complete your financing paperwork while car shop on linesitting at your deck! We want you to be have the wheel when it comes to driving the car buying process!

So what can you accomplish online to avoid sitting around in our showroom thinking of all the other things you would rather be doing?

Here are all the steps you can do on your own time, in the comfort of your own home, whatever time of day you choose:

1. Value your trade! No need to wait ‘til you come to the dealership! Use our easy online form to complete the information about your trade! Save 30 minutes!

2. Personalize payments that work best for you! Are you considering leasing or financing? Run the numbers on your own time to evaluate what works best for your budget. With our easy tools, you can run many scenarios to assess what feels best for your personal financial situation. Save nearly 1 hour!

3. Prequalify for credit–save up to 30 minutes in the dealership by getting pre-qualified for credit on your own time. This step is particularly useful for anyone with concerns about their credit score.

4. Apply for credit–save up to 90 minutes by completing the credit application online! Secure and convenient so you can organize the information you need and complete this important step on your own time!

5. Select Protection plans— review available warranties to protect your vehicle. This step will save you another 15 minutes!

6. Start shopping for your vehicle— it’s likely this is where most of us would start in the process and then go to the other steps. Do your research, save the vehicles you like andWomanInKitchenCoffeeLaptopWhite.jpg then reach out to us as you go via Chat or completing a form and we will be right there with you to answer any questions.

You are in the driver’s seat to use any or all of the above tools! Complete them all and then schedule an appointment to come see us and take a test drive! Or, complete some of them and schedule an appointment and let us help you with any remaining steps.

The important part is you drive the sales process at Jaffarian Toyota. We are here to help.

North American automotive consulting firm Capgemini in a 2016 consumer survey said 60 percent would consider buying a vehicle online to avoid dealership pressure. This is why Jaffarian doesn’t not believe in high-pressure sales tactics. However, in the same survey, 88 percent said they want to see the vehicle in person and test drive it; and 55 percent say they want to negotiate the price in person.

Time is precious, and we value your time. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in making an informed decision that best meets your lifestyle and budget.

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Gary Jaffarian

I’m in my 30s and want a car that looks cool and is good for the environment. Any suggestions?

Gary Jaffarian recommends some new concept vehicles for millennials that are sharp, functional and are environmentally-friendly from the past present and even future vehicles on the horizon.

Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the largest demographic since the baby boomers. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends; but most researchers use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to late 1990s or early 2000s, now in their 20s and 30s. Because of their spending power overall, yet limited amount to spend per person based on age, Toyota has been paying a lot of attention to this generation. Toyota is a great match for this generation.

These are the vehicles that are both long-term successes for Toyota or in the works for 2018 that would best meet your needs including vehicles from the past, present and future:


  • Toyota Prius—The Prius continues to be the oldest and highest sales of all-time for a hybrid, with more than 10 million sold worldwide, and is continuing to evolve in to le_eco-frontelectric and hydrogen vehicles. Millennials who want to reduce their carbon footprint, flock to the Prius because of its sporty look combined with its energy-efficiency.
  • Toyota Corolla—which looks similar to the sporty Prius, has been redesigned to include the large Safety Sense package, and includes a new 50th Anniversary edition in some great limited colors. This is one of the most energy-efficient vehicles on the road today. There is an LE Eco version which gets about 40 mpg on the highway. The Corolla is2017 Corolla one of the best buys today starting in the high teens and low 20s. The colors are fun, the style is great and the value is great. Click here for our new Corolla video.


  • Toyota C-HR—This 2018 vehicle was designed for the Millennials. C-HR stands for Coupe-High Rider and the designers say it was meant to combine elements of both aToyota C-HR coupe and an SUV. It sits on 18-inch wheels bringing it higher off the ground. Some think it’s a hatchback, some an SUV. Its rated as 27/31/29 miles per gallon based on city/highway/combination driving. It has a standard 7-inch touch screen and has a tablet-like appearance. The multi-media system includes a USB port. It’s great for tall passengers with a good amount of head and leg room. It comes in basic, upgraded and premium models. (Last time I checked, we had 4 in stock and they are priced starting in the low $20s.) Of course, it includes the Toyota Safety Sense package and comes in traditional and new fun colors in trendy blue and green shades. This new model is great looking and are moving quickly off the lot!


  • Toyota FT-4X—This new concept vehicle is not yet available for purchase, but will be next year. The Toyota FT-4X concept is built on the same global platform as the Prius and C-HR models. It’s not a simple crossover, but an SUV that incorporates theToyota-FT-4X-Concept 60-year tradition of legendary Toyota all-terrain vehicles. It was designed for the tech-saavy younger generation. You can even get it with a built-in GoPro in the side mirror. There’s also a slot for your smartphone.

This exciting vehicle is aimed at nature lovers who love camping and adventure! For example, the interior door handles are detachable and represent water containers, and the interior lights on the ceiling can be dismantled and used as a flashlight. The audio system can also be removed and used in nature. The digital dashboard can also be backed up with a secure smartphone at the top of the dashboard, and thanks to the applications, the smartphone turns into a navigation system. The armrest is also detachable and turns into a sleeping bag! Now this is truly a cool vehicle!

  • Toyota Concept-i was introduced at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show. It is a vehicle fitted with artificial intelligence and full of safety features. It looks like something right out of a sci-fi movie! They named its communication/ Concept-i-interface system Yui (similar to Siri or Alexa) and it senses your emotions and may be the pre-cursor to the self-driving vehicle, but let’s you stay in charge. According to Toyota, Yui is a liaison between you, your passengers and your car. Yui, in tandem with artificial intelligence, anticipates your needs and informs the car so that Concept-i can consider and execute that next action accordingly.

Concept-i follows Toyota’s belief that vehicles shouldn’t start with technology—they should start, and end, with the experience of the people who use them. Therefore, Concept-i was built from the inside out, with a focus on making it energetic and approachable. Thanks to Yui, Concept-i will enhance the relationship between car and driver. In the future, we envision you, Yui and the car working together—like teammates. Thanks to the vehicle’s advanced automated driving technologies, people with all levels of ability can enjoy the ride. You’re still in charge of the car. However, through biometric sensors throughout, Concept-i can detect what you’re feeling. That information then gets analyzed by the car’s artificial intelligence. That’s when the automated features kick in. Safety and protection are a major benefit of this relationship. By knowing you better, Concept-i will help to protect you. Can’t wait to see one of these on the market!

Millennials are an important part of Toyota’s customer base and some of their advertising is directed at this younger generation. Young, middle age or older, Toyota’s executive V.P. believes, “The customer is the CEO of our business.” If consumers have a higher demand for energy-efficient or electric vehicles, Toyota will continue to produce them and Jaffarian Toyota will continue to have them on our lot ready for you to take them for a test drive!

Enjoy the warm, sunny weather—great for long drives.


Gary Jaffarian

Do I need to do anything special to prepare for long summer drives?

car overheatingGary Jaffarian explains how to prepare your vehicle with maintenance checks and preparation for comfortable summer driving.

To get ready for summer, Gary Jaffarian recommends you check the following 6 items and carefully choose where you park your vehicle:

1. A/C System—For comfort, the most important aspect of your vehicle is the air-conditioner system. There is nothing worse than a summer drive or being stuck in traffic and the air conditioner system doesn’t work. Now is the time to test your system before it gets too hot. The most common cause of a malfunctioning air conditioner unit is a low level of refrigerant. This could be caused by a leak, loose drive belt or a clogged condenser somewhere in the system. Since modern A/C systems are complicated creatures, it’s best to have a professional check out the problem. Despite what many people think, driving with your air conditioner on is more fuel-efficient than driving with your windows open.

2. Tire Treads—I discuss tires a great deal, I realize, but they are a key to your safety system, and you can prevent a flat or an accident with the proper checks. At Jaffarian Volvo Toyota, we check the tread on your tires at every service visit, including oil changes. Poor tire treads adversely affect your ability to stop within short distances and impair maneuverability, especially on wet roads.

3. Rotate your tires— and be sure to frequently check air pressure. Big temperature swings— such as from the extreme daytime heat to the relative cool overnight— can cause your tires to lose pressure more quickly. This can lead to inferior performance and coolant leaksreduced gas mileage. Be sure to regularly rotate your tires for optimal tire wear. This is something we can do at your service visits .

4. Engine coolant— It may be necessary to add coolant or perform a flush-and-fill. Summer’s heat makes it more difficult for your engine to keep its cool. Make sure your coolant is at the appropriate level.

5. Water Pump— This circulates coolant throughout the engine to prevent overheating. It’s prone to leaks, tears and leaky seals, so this should be checked in summer also.

6. Belts and Hoses—Those need to be checked for evidence of damage (such as cracks, fraying, leakage or swelling). The heat and humidity of summer will only make these conditions worse and may be the cause of a breakdown.

Park in the shade—(or your garage) to preserve the exterior paint and to protect your vehicle’s interior from potential damage caused by the extreme heat in a closed-up vehicle. Where possible, don’t park under trees. Sap from trees is difficult to remove and tree cover can increase the amount of pollen or bugs on the vehicle. If your vehicle needs a professional wash, try our Jaffarian Auto Spa. There are a lot of specials on our website for detailing and service.

For your convenience, we have an online scheduler; a shuttle van for a trip home or to the office while we’re working on your vehicle; or a comfortable waiting room with WI-FI, TV and free coffee. If parts are needed, we have thousands of Toyota and Volvo parts in stock in our Parts Department, so that means we will get you in and on your way faster. We also sell parts to the “do-it-yourselfers.”

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather forecasted for this weekend! Plan a fun summer drive!

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Gary Jaffarian

What are Volvo and Toyota doing to take vehicle safety to the next level?

Gary Jaffarian explains what both vehicle manufacturers are doing to take the global lead in vehicle safety.

Jaffarian Volvo Toyota is proud to represent two vehicle manufacturers that have a history of safety feature development and have taken the lead globally on creating the safest vehicles. While other manufacturers focus on image, Toyota and especially, Volvo, focus on technology and safety features.

Volvo created a program, “Vision 2020” described by its president as follows: “Our vision is that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. Protecting and caring for people is at the heart of Volvo Cars’ philosophy and Vision 2020 is our commitment to saving lives.”

Volvo technology researchSafety is in their DNA, and Volvo leaders are outraged that 1.3 million people die in the world every year from traffic accidents. The company was founded in 1927 because they believed that nobody else could make vehicles strong enough or safe enough for Swedish roads. Along the way as they expanded world-wide, Volvo came up with several safety innovations, some of which have changed the world.

Volvo has built its brand on safety and it remains core to the company’s philosophy. According to an objective source, Unbound Edition, “Volvo has partnered with the Swedish government and European Union on “AstaZero,” a world-leading test track for autonomous vehicles that mimics real-world situations ranging from dense fog to darting deer. They will crash 100 vehicles and computer-simulate 30,000 crashes before releasing a new model. (If you’re worried about the risks of top heavy SUVs and flipping over, watch this video and buy an XC90). And they have a radically different take on the future of autonomous driving: in the foreseeable future it will be a pure safety feature, not intended to relinquish control for relaxation or multitasking.”

The Volvo “IntelliSafe” technology includes:
• Soft landing—Volvos protect those outside as well as inside the vehicle. The Pedestrian Airbag – a Volvo-first technology – automatically inflates on impact to cover the windshield and lessen any injuries.

• Protection in any situation—Volvo’s latest world-first safety belt technology protects you should your car leave the road – a common and dangerous accident. To keep you firmly strapped in, the system’s electrically retractable safety belts tighten. To prevent your spine being compressed in a rough landing, a unique seat structure absorbs vertical loads.

• The three-point safety belt—Volvo gave the world the three-point safety belt in 1959 – it’s saved countless lives and has been voted one of mankind’s most important inventions. Volvo offers safety belts that automatically tighten within a few thousandths of a second after a collision.

• Safer travel for children—To provide better protection for children, Volvo developed the world’s first rear-facing child seat, and in 1990 Volvo added an important safety innovation – the integrated booster cushion. They are researching and planning to add rear facing infant seats as part of their safety equipment.

• City Safety – standard on all Volvo models – City Safety technology detects other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and, in some cases, even large animals on the road ahead. It warns the driver of hazards and will brake the car if necessary to avoid or mitigate a collision.

• Intersection braking technology—Volvo developed the world-first intersection braking technology making one of the most common – and damaging – types of collision less likely to happen. If you are about to turn into the path of an oncoming car, it detects if a collision is imminent, braking for you to reduce the severity of an impact, or avoid it altogether.

• Volvo’s latest safety innovation—researching IntelliSafe AutoPilot vehicles. Today, autopilotautonomousdriving3exf2Volvo uses some of its innovative technology to develop semi-autonomous cars that someday will make your journey easier and safer, while leaving you fully in control. The all-new XC90’s Pilot Assist function, for example, can accelerate, brake and steer for you, keeping you a set distance from the car in front of you and keeping the vehicle in the proper lane, at speeds up to 50 mph.

While Volvo has consistently been a leader in applying technology for improved vehicle safety, Toyota has invested in its Toyota’s Safety Sense technology has developed vehicles with some of the same or similar technology to Volvo’s innovations:
• Active High Beam Control—This allows you to drive with high beam on all the time, without blinding others. It detects road users ahead of you and automatically shades the part of the high beam that would dazzle them. You get optimal light and safety is improved for everyone.

• Lane Departure Alert—Not only signals when you are weaving into another lane, but it automatically adjusts your steering. This is a lifesaver for people driving drowsy or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medications as well as for others on the road.

Pre-Collision systems uses an in-vehicle camera and laser to help detect the vehicle in front of yours. When it determines that the possibility of a frontal collision is high, it prompts the driver to take evasive action and brake, by using an audio and visual alert. If the driver notices the hazard and brakes, the system may provide additional braking force using Brake Assist. If the driver does not brake in a set time and the system determines that the possibility of a frontal collision is extremely high, the system may automatically apply the brakes, reducing speed to help the driver reduce the impact and in certain cases avoid the collision.

Both companies use front and rear cameras to detect hazards and signals when braking is needed; and hands free talking and sending basic text messages while driving. It is truly amazing how the vehicles we represent significantly contribute to driver safety with the latest in vehicle technology with computerized systems. As one customer said after purchasing a new Toyota with the latest technology, “I feel like my car thinks for me. It really helps me feel safer on the highway.”

Jaffarian Volvo Toyota is committed to making our community safer by selling and servicing the safest vehicles on the road today. Preventive maintenance is also part of your vehicle’s safety check. If you are looking for a new vehicle with advanced safety features, please contact us as we would be happy to demonstrate how Volvo and Toyota are working hard to keep us safe on the roads.

Be safe on the roads!

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Where would you suggest for a Memorial Day weekend day trip or overnight?

RockportGary Jaffarian provides a few New England destinations as options for a nice day trip or holiday weekend away.

The official kick off to summer is upon us and it is time for summer drives and weekend get-aways! Most people in our area have visited popular destinations including Cape Cod, Rockport, Gloucester, Ipswich, Newburyport, Ogunquit and Kennebunkport (Maine); or the N.H. Lakes Region—which are still among my favorites. (If you haven’t been to these beautiful places already, then I suggest you put them on top of your summer “bucket” list.)

I am a boater and love the ocean, so most of my favorite summer destinations are Tivertoncentered around ocean communities. But I have one favorite place in the mountains of Massachusetts and some favorite places in Southern Rhode Island by the ocean which are often overlooked.

With gas prices averaging about $2.39 per gallon, you can get to some of these beautiful places in a half-day or less for about $20. If some of these places have available hotel rooms on the holiday weekend, I suggest you stay over. Your favorite discounted hotel rooms web sites may be the place to find an available room, such as Groupon,,,; Booking New England or Expedia.

Berkshire in SUmmerThe Berkshires—This mountainous and historic area is filled with culture, music, beautiful views and charming villages. But most people in the Boston area or Merrimack Valley that I meet have never been there. In just two-and-a-half to three hours, you can be in this beautiful region. There is so much to do and see, a weekend is barely enough time to explore this region known for its many tourist attractions.

Museums: The two most famous are:
1. Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge. While I will admit to not being much of a fan of his artwork, he is an iconic artist documenting the history of our country in Rockwell Museumpictures. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting the tour was, as well as learning important facts about his life and passion for civil rights. It’s a great place for children and adults.

2. Mass MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in North Adams was written up on the front page of this past Sunday’s Boston Globe. It has expanded and will be MassMoCA

opening a new building on May 28th. This amazing museum is home to a diverse group of exhibitions representing many forms of multi-media art, paintings, sculptures and so much more. The collections are only on view for a limited time, so it is ever-changing. Boston Globe write Malcolm Gay referred to Mass MoCA as “about the vast and outlandish, an unlikely arts mecca…” The new building will add another 105,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space!

Downtown Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District has a mix of museums, movies, shops and restaurants.

Tanglewood in Lenox is one of the most famous places to visit in the country for classical and orchestral music and is the summer home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops. It is best known for hosting the Boston Pops events in the summer and James Taylor on the 3rd of July, for his annual Independence Day celebration. While Tanglewoodthere are no shows until May 31st, it is worth mentioning if you go between then and Labor Day. Keith Lockhart will be there leading the Boston Pops in John Williams music, there are special performances by the Indigo Girls, Joan Baez and many other nationally-known musicians.

The Berkshires are also home to wineries, breweries, farmers’ markets and orchards, making it a great place to visit in spring, summer or autumn; or for skiing in the winter. Instead of staying overnight in a chain hotel, there are plenty of charming and historic inns and bed and breakfasts. You may want to check out the famous Red Lion Inn.

PEM ExhibitSpeaking of art exhibits, there is a wearable art exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem (MA) that is a short drive and after checking out the exhibit there is plenty to see in this quaint and historic seaside community with many museums, shops and restaurants.

Newport, RI is one of the most sought after travel destinations for New Yorkers, but just south of Massachusetts, many people haven’t been to Newport. Known for its beaches, mansions of Bellevue Avenue and shopping and dining on Thames Street and on two downtown wharfs, Newport is home to the most bed and breakfasts of any city inNewport America! It is the home to the Viking Hotel used for the original filming of The Great Gatsby based on the 1925 American novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald; and the center of town was using in the filming of Amistad— a true movie based on events of 1839, when the revolt of slaves aboard a Spanish owned ship causes a major controversy in the United States when the ship is captured off the coast of Long Island and the courts had to decide whether the passengers were slaves or legally free.

Downtown NewportNewport is a great place to visit for the day or weekend whether you’re single and looking for some music clubs; or a family looking for fun things to do with the kids. (There’s a giant arcade with video games for the kids in downtown Newport!) If you are a boater, Newport is home to the International Boat Show every September and is one of the largest boating events in the nation.

Other places to visit in Rhode Island are Jamestown, a historic oceanside town next to Newport; take a ferry to Block Island from Narragansett or Newport; or go over the scenic Newport Bridge,Newport Bridge the longest in New England and away from the crowds to visit Tiverton for beaches or Boating; or historic Bristol. There are many beautiful ocean-view towns in the smallest state in the union, which are often overlooked by most New Englanders. Bristol is home to the oldest 4th of July parade in the entire nation! Coastal Living magazine named Bristol in its top 10 best American beach towns to celebrate the 4th of July!

Before you leave, give us a call (888) 718-4749 or book on line 24/7 for an appointment with Jaffarian Volvo Toyota’s Service Department for an oil change and we’ll give your vehicle a great check-up before you leave. If you bring your vehicle in for a service check, our certified technician will even text you a short video of your vehicle and their findings! Or call to book a detail cleaning before you leave or when you return. Service and detail specials are available by using the coupons on our website.

Travel safely and enjoy your long weekend and the unofficial start of the summer season!

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Are you doing anything to support the local community in the off-season?

Gary Jaffarian explains that the back-to-school and holiday seasons are not the only times of the year that Jaffarian sponsors programs to give back to the local community. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota’s commitment to the community began three generations ago when the company was founded and is an all-season effort. Consistently the Jaffarian family’s charitable focus has been supporting local youth and disadvantaged families.

YIMCheckDonation (002)Giving back to our local community is in our DNA. You can read about our many efforts starting back with my grandfather (link to the stories on the website.) For us there is not an off-season when it comes to giving back. That is why just over a year ago, we established the Jaffarian Youth in Motion Fund to create an ongoing, all season program to support our local youth in two cities where there is great need: Lawrence and Haverhill. The Jaffarian Youth in Motion Fund enables local youth in need to participate in sports and activities that provide structure, discipline, teach sportsmanship and, ultimately, promote a healthy, active lifestyle. This fund formalizes efforts that we have consistently funded over the years including sponsoring many local sports teams and the Game On program where we offset the high costs of high school fees for many local communities donating over $50,000 to participate in sports.

With so many children watching TV and playing video games, combined with a diet that includes fast food, the national obesity rate in children and adults is steadily on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 17% of children are obese and they grow into the 36.5% of obese American adults. Of the 12.7 million obese children in the U.S., 9% are ages 2-5; 17.5% are ages 6-11; and 20% are ages 12-19.

As part of the Jaffarian Youth in Motion program, we recently presented an additional $5,000 to both the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill and the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence. The Clubs use the funds to help numerous boys and girls in need take part in a wide range of sports and activities, from basketball and field hockey teams, to National Youth Leadership forums and summer camps. We selected these local Boys & Girls ClubsIMG_3468 as they are in an ideal position to identify needs and allocate funds directly to their members and they serve communities where the need is significant.

We’ve seen firsthand how the fund has made a difference in the lives of local kids who don’t have the means to take part in sports and activities that can enrich their lives. Both Boys & Girls Clubs have done a terrific job of using the fund to help their deserving members get what they need to participate in sports and enroll in summer camps. The thank you letters I receive from thesLawrence January 18 v1e kids are incredibly touching and reinforce what my family has always believed – that sports foster physical and mental well-being, teach important life skills like sportsmanship, not to mention bringing joy and boosting self-confidence.

In its first year, the Jaffarian Youth in Motion Fund has helped more than 75 local children with sports equipment and special events such as college tours and weekend basketball tournaments. Our inner-city children can compete with other youth across New England at an elite level because of this fund. To date, this fund has provided members of the Boys and Girls Clubs with everything from new basketball sneakers and prescription swim goggles, to dance equipment, cheerleading uniforms and sleeping bags for camps, enabling deserving kids to participate in activities that enrich their lives.

Over the years, we have sponsored numerous sports teams, helped Haverhill High buildLawrence January 18 v4 a weight room, raised $50,000+ to offset the costs of participating in high school sports in several towns, and brought busloads of local kids to Celtics and Red Sox games.

Our entire team is proud of the impact the Jaffarian Youth in Motion fund and the impact it is having locally. When in for service, take a moment to read the Thank you notes on display in each of our service waiting areas. As it reminds all of us, there is not off-season for giving back and helping our local youth. I think my grandfather and father would be proud to see the legacy continue.

We are fortunate to have the Lawrence and Greater Haverhill Boys and Girls Clubs in our communities. Thank you to all the leadership and staff at both these organizations for all that they do on a daily basis!

Enjoy the sunshine!

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I know I should know, but how do I change a tire?

Gary Jaffarian explains the steps for changing a flat tire. You can also watch a Jaffarian Video on our YouTube trunk with spare

A great question as it is not hard, but it is a good thing to know how to do to avoid being stranded on the side of the road!  Below are the instructions but if you are a visual learner, no problem!  Please watch Jaffarian’s YouTube video on How to Change a Tire” for a simple demonstration.

How to change a tire:

  1. Pull over into a safe place. If you’re on a major highway, for safety reasons, try to make it off the exit ramp. Turn off your vehicle and secure it with the emergency brake if needed. Never change a tire on an incline or hill and try for a flat surface. Remove the spare and all related tools prior to jacking up your vehicle. If you have one, place a block, brick or other item behind the opposite tire to prevent any rolling.
  1. Pry off the hub cap with a screw driver or tool that comes with your vehicle to
    Toyota Lug nut tool

    Toyota lug nut tool

    release the lug nuts. The newer models have a special tool to do that; or one that came with the spare tire and lift in your trunk.

  2. Once you’ve loosened the lug nuts, do not remove them completely. After you jack up your vehicle, completely remove the lug nuts with your fingers.
  3. Jack up the vehicle about 1” off the ground. Place the jack securely under the edge of the car. The exact location may vary among vehicle models, so consult your
    hydraulic jack

    Hydraulic jack

    owner’s manual for the right place to put the jack.

  4. If you have a scissor jack, insert the rod or wrench over the knob, and then crank. If you have a hydraulic jack, place the handle into the appropriate location and pump up and down. Use nice, even strokes, taking the jack handle from its lowest point to its highest point on each stroke to make it a bit easier on yourself.

    scissor jack

    Scissor jack

  5. Remove all bolts and lug nuts and then remove the flat tire.
  6. Set the spare tire on the lug bolts, then put the lug nuts back in place using your fingers to screw them on. Wait until the tire is on the ground before using the tool to securely fasten the lug nuts as tight as you can secure them with a wrench.
  7. Try to replace the spare tire as soon as possible with a permanent one. Jaffarian Volvo Toyota stocks or can get same day delivery on the tire you need for your vehicle. It’s best to get the exact match for the replacement to the other three.

I encourage you to check your trunk to confirm you have a spare tire, jack and the associated equipment that should be in your vehicle in case of needing to change your tire. Also, to avoid being stranded. I encourage you to consider securing AAA road service or roadside assistance through your vehicle’s manufacturer. Additionally, if you have new drivers in your household, share the YouTube video!

Remember that when driving with a spare tire (aka “donut”) you should maintain a lower speed and monitor how many miles you drive before replacing with a permanent tire.

Last month in my Ask Gary blog I discussed how to evaluate worn tires and Jaffarian has another You Tube video on “How do I know when I need new tires?” It is important for your safety to avoid driving on tires that are too worn or under or overinflated. That is a dangerous situation, especially if you drive on the highway. With regular oil changes or service, the professional automotive technicians at Jaffarian Volvo Toyota’s Service Department will evaluate your tires and provide you with a report on how they are wearing.

Be safe on the roads.

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